about us!



We are Hannah and Mo Awesome and we live and breath bikes! We live in a Sprinter van full time which we converted ourselves, while traveling and riding some of the best trails all over the world!


We also love creating content for people to enjoy! Whether we are in the mountains riding some awesome trails or at the beach surfing and enjoying the sunset, you can bet that we are outside enjoying life! 


Mo Awesome has been coaching mountain biking and giving guided tours for the last 4 years, helping riders of all ages and abilities take their riding to the next level. A graduate of the University of California Irvine, Mo quickly found his passion for teaching and combined it with his love of mountain biking!


He can often be found riding some of the most challenging terrain wherever he travels too, and also has a love for creating high quality content to help capture those moments.


His love for capturing moments and teaching is actually what led us to start our YouTube channel Awesome MTB. We started out our channel by creating instructional videos but now we have broaden our scope and we make videos about our life!


Hannah Awesome has been riding bikes all throughout her life, and can often be found blowing the mind of riders who see how fast she charges any technical trail she rides! When she is not charging trails, she is busy running all of the operations over at Awesome MTB.


Never one to back down from a challenge, Hannah loves to help empower women out there and motivate girls to get out there and follow their dreams, no matter what people say they can and can’t do!


She is one tough cookie! Most people automatically assume Mo built most of the van, but what they don’t realize is that Hannah actually is responsible for a majority of the Sprinter van conversion (including all of the plumbing).


Together Hannah and Mo are Awesome MTB! Whether you are looking for mountain bike coaching, guided rides, bike advice, content creation, or just have some questions on adventuring,  Awesome MTB has you covered! 


So get out there and get after that next adventure!