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5 Reasons You Need The Loam Pass

Updated: Feb 12

In a day and age where it seems like everyone is trying to come up with the next big thing, sometimes something comes along and you realize it actually is that thing! Insert Loam Pass here. Recently, the Loam Pass was introduced to the market as “an epic pass for mountain bikers”, and we can’t believe no one has thought of this sooner! 

If you are not familiar with an epic pass, it gives you a few days of skiing or snowboarding at a bunch of different ski resorts! The Loam Pass does the same for mountain biking, offering you 2 days of riding at each bike park / shuttle service on their list, which is growing fast! With parks and shuttles all over North America, here are 5 reasons you need the Loam Pass:

Reason 1: You Want to Take A MTB Road Trip But Don't Know Where to Go

A lot of times, people watch our adventures and always ask us “how do we know where to go and if there will be riding”? After having traveled all of the US, one of the best ways we have found to visit regions is to find somewhere we know we want to go visit, and then build an itinerary around that! For instance, recently we knew we wanted to spend some more time in North Carolina, and knew there were 2 bike parks there (Ride Kanuga and Ride Rock Creek).

Luckily for us, both of those parks were on the Loam Pass, so we headed there to check both out and added some fun days of trail riding and exploration outside of those bike park days. We had already gotten 2 solid days of riding in the bike park, so every ride after was a bonus. And since we got 2 days of riding at both of those parks included in the Loam Pass, (it would have cost us $160 each to buy all of those tickets), the cost of the pass had already almost paid for itself (currently $199). 

Reason 2: You Want Variety in Your Life

Personally, I love riding new trails, even though I can be a creature of habit. One reason that I do find myself riding the same trails over and over again is because I do not want to get disappointed. A lot of time trailforks wont show if trails are in good shape or overgrown, and sometimes I have even made the drive across the country to check out trail systems, only to be let down by finding out those trails either were shut down, or aren't ridden anymore! Having the Loam Pass allows you to have a full list of places to check out that you know are going to be good! Bored and wanting to try some new zones out? Pull up the list of destinations on the Loam Pass and plan that road trip! The list is growing fast too, so before you know it, you will be able to ride something new every weekend if you want! 

Reason 3: You Want To Get Better at Downhill 

I'm sure we can all resonate with this one. Over the last decade of riding, I have tried a wide variety of things to improve my downhill skills, and one thing that has helped me the most has definitely been riding different zones! Spending time in the desert has given me a lot of slow speed technical skills, and spending summers in the PNW has helped me a ton with jumps and flow trails! There is no substitute for practice, and being able to ride new trails all over the country is going to help your skills out tremendously! 

Reason 4: You Want To Make New Riding Friends

One of the best parts about mountain biking is that it is one of the easiest sports to make new friends in! There is also no easier place to make friends that will last a lifetime than in bike parks too. Sharing a lift and some laps, you are bound to make some new riding friends that will probably lead to more road trips in your life and new set of riding buddies! 

Reason 5: You Like Saving Money

I feel like this one doesn't really need a reason, but we'll add it anyway! Once again with an intro price currently of $199, and so many new bike parks and shuttles being added to the list weekly, the Loam Pass is going to save you a lot of money on tickets and maximize the amount of riding zones you get to visit this year! Less money on tickets, and more money on replacing tires and brake pads from all of the downhill you will be riding! 

So get yourself a Loam Pass before prices go up and we'll see you on the trails! For more information about Loam Pass check out their website here.


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