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San Diego Has a Bike Park? It's Called Luiseño and It's Awesome!

Luiseño Bike Park

A few weeks ago our buddies over at Loam Pass told us about a bike park in San Diego called Luiseño Bike Park and we were blown away. Never having heard of it, we did some research and things checked out. There was indeed a brand new bike park a little over an hour away from Orange County. Having just gotten our Loam Passes which gave us each 2 days in the more than 30 bike parks on the pass, we made the drive down to meet up with pro racer Nik Nestoroff. 

Now during the drive over we realized why this wasn’t immediately on our “to hit list”. Even though on the map it was pretty close, we had to go up some pretty windy mountain roads that were very slow going. However, during the entire trip over there we were mesmerized by this part of SoCal! So many big mountains tucked away in this part of San Diego. We were very excited to get to the bike park as the potential was growing with every minute! 

Upon arriving and meeting up with Nik, it was very clear to us that Luiseno was more than just a bike park. We saw a bunch of campsites right by a river, as well as signs for a water park and ziplines. The bike park shuttles looked awesome, but luckily for us we got a special ride up in the park's Polaris with a bike rack! On the way up we looked around and realized how insane the terrain was. Big mountains filled with endless rocky chunk, we were getting very excited. 

The first trail of the day was Coyote to Granite, and right away we realized how much time must have gone into building these trails. Think a mixture of well cut flow trails with a lot of rock features and you have Luiseno. While the trails did feel slightly on the more family friendly side, we could see this park's potential. From top to bottom, we were blown away at how crazy it was that we had just heard about this place only a few weeks ago. The stoke was real as were the granite alternate tech lines! 

After a lap with Nik, Hannah and I headed back up the mountain for another lap, this time taking Coyote to Rabbits. This is where we started to notice the park's potential. Rabbit was very fun, however it was clear to us there was a lot of building going on still around it, making us think this bike park has huge plans. And why wouldn't they? After all, this bike park is surrounded by insane amounts of elevation! 

After getting back to the van we loaded up and headed to surf. The entire time we were leaving I couldn't help but look around and notice the potential. One day, Luisneso bike Park is going to be huge, and I am excited to have first ridden it when it opened. 

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