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Top 5 Budget Accessories Every Mountain Biker Needs!

Mountain biking can be a costly sport but it doesn't have to be that way. Here are 5 accessories we think every mountain biker needs to add to their quiver ASAP for a better ride!

1. Enve Bottle Cage: Most people overlook this area of bike performance and throw on whatever they can find. You are not most people and the most amount of performance you can get out of a bike will be here. The ENVE bottle cage has the highest cost to performance ratio out of any upgrade that will venture into your riding life. 

2. Titanium 5 Dev Cranks: Once again being a budget mountain biker does not mean you have to look like a budget mountain biker. The Ride 5 Dev Titanium cranks will add a little bit of flare to your bike while remaining cost effective allowing you to spend more money on your 4runner or Tacoma setup that will soon be in your life. 

3. 4Runner or Tacoma: This is probably going to be the most important decision in your life outside of whether or not you want to get married. Both of these vehicles have a proven reliable budget track record and we can increase the bling factor later on. However right now we are just trying to get your foot in the door with one of these budget additions to your new mtb lifestyle. 

4. Rapha Everything: Shirts, pants, boxers, shoes, helmets, anything and everything you can get your hands on. On paper, Rapha seemingly seems overpriced, however we are talking status here. There is no faster way to people thinking you are more core than an apple field than showing up head to toe in America's favorite riding apparel. It might not seem like a budget minded decision on paper, but the gains we will make in this sport will basically wash this cost later on in your mtb journey. 

5. House in Squamish: We need to start thinking about summer plans. How are you going to maximize the cost of your Whistler Bike Park Season pass that you also need to buy while living in San Clemente, California. Think about the networking that can occur with you as a resident of Squamish. Best friends with Brandon Semenuk? Yes please! Shuttle sessions with Remy? Say less. Real estate only goes up so this one will make you money, thank us later. 

Stick to the Budget. 

-Mo Awesome


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