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What is Ibis Cycles Doing? (New Bikes for 2024)?

Updated: May 17

Ibis Cycles Sale

This is a big year for new bike releases but also a big year for people looking for a deal on bikes. The industry is in a weird spot of trying to sort through old inventory while also trying to figure out supply issues, as well as a slower market. Discounts are plentiful, and if you are in the market for a new bike, now is the time for a great deal. 

But what about Ibis Cycles? I went on their website recently and noticed a majority of their bike models are on sale. These discounts are substantial as well. 25% off almost every model in their lineup, something pretty unheard of for a boutique bike brand a few years ago but seemingly becoming the norm in 2024. Hakka MX, Ripmo, Ripley, Exie all for 25% off. The Exie USA is showing $1000 off and the OSO is close to 30% off. The only bikes that seem to not be on sale are the HD6 and the alloy version of the Ripmo and Ripley. 

Which leads into the next point, what does Ibis have up their sleeves? They haven't released a truly updated Ripley or Ripmo in years at this point. The Hakka MX is beyond outdated. The Exie also needs a slight refresh to keep up with the growing demands of world cup XC racing which seems to be taking over. What do we want to see from them?

Personally a new updated Ripley would be my #1 I am looking forward to. The Ripley was actually one of my favorite bikes I have ever owned and looking at it on paper, it is desperately needing an update that is not just the UDH treatment. The Ripmo is in the same boat. And with almost every other brand having some form of internal frame storage, that is something I would like to see from both of these bikes. 

In terms of the Hakka, this should just be a full refresh. Ibis Cycles has some of the best gravel riding in their backyard and I would like to see a push for a competitive gravel race bike from them this year. 

As for the OSO? Let’s just pretend that one didn’t happen…

-Mo Awesome


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