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2021 Holiday Gift Guide for The Cyclist in Your Life

Updated: Feb 2

With the holidays fast approaching we put together our favorite products of 2021. Here are 8 items that every cyclist can't go without!

1. A New Helmet

It's surprising how little some cyclists replace their helmets. A general rule is that if you have ever crashed on your helmet you must replace it but also replacing your helmet every 2 years is recommended because it ensures that the foam hasn't been compromised from sun exposure and the elements. All in all, you can't go wrong with giving your cyclist a new helmet to ensure their safety and get them more style points!

My personal favorite helmet is the Specialized Ambush MIPS and my boyfriend Mo's is the Troy Lee Designs A2. I would recommend sticking with whatever brand the person currently has because different brands can fit people differently. I will say, however, that Specialized and Troy Lee Designs make helmets that fit a large range of cyclists.

2. Cold Weather Riding Gear

Unless you live in Southern California you might have noticed that the weather has been getting a little colder and will continue to be cold until we get to Spring (duh). Some of my personal favorite cold-weather riding gear include the Specialized Trail-Series Alpha Jacket and the Specialized Trail-Series Thermal Glove. These styles also come in both men's and women's sizing! There are plenty more cold-weather riding gear options on

3. New Saddle

Many cyclists never replace the stock saddle on their bike but it's one of the cheapest and most important upgrades you can do. A good saddle will make a world of a difference. Mo raves about the Specialized Power Mimic Saddle. This saddle includes Specialized's Mimic technology which was made for women and their lady bits in mind but many men like Mo say it's the best saddle they have ever used. The Mimic technology makes the middle section of the saddle much softer and subtle. All around you can't go wrong with this saddle.

My personal all-time favorite saddle has to be the Ergon SM Sport Gel Women's Saddle. I've never met another woman who said they didn't love this saddle. It's cushioned enough for you to forget about it while you are riding but stiff enough to be dependable when you are putting the power down! They also make a men's version, you can find it here!

4. Sram GX AXS Upgrade KIt

This is the ultimate gift to give the mountain biker in your life. No longer are the days that you have to spend $1000 to get electronic shifting. The Sram GX AXS Upgrade Kit is $600 and can turn any Sram 12-speed drivetrain into an electronic drivetrain.

You can save 15% off your first order at by using our code AWESOMEMTB15. (exclusions apply)

5. New Pedals

Pedals are obviously an important part of your bike, they are also important not to neglect. Many new riders do not understand how important it is to upgrade your stock pedals and spend a little extra money for pedals that will grip your shoe well. Our favorite pedals are the Diety T-Macs and the Crankbrothers Stamp 7 Pedals. Mo raves about his Diety T-Mac Pedals and they are probably just as important to him as his Specialized Mimic Pro Saddle. The Diety T-Macs are a very burly, thick, and grippy pedal (your foot ain't coming off it!). I love my Crankbrothers Stamp 7 pedals because they come in two sizes, small and large. Being able to run a size small pedal is really helpful for me and my smaller shoe size. They also work perfectly with the pattern on the bottom of my Crank Brothers Stamp Boa Cycling Shoe.

6. New Bike Work Stand

If the cyclist in your life has invested in a nice bike they need a bike work stand to keep that bike in tip-top shape! Working on your bike while it's on the floor is inconvenient and uncomfortable. If their bike is in a bike stand they'll be able to look at the bike at eye level and spin the wheels while they work lube on their chain or while they check if their brake pads are rubbing.

Mo has owned a Feedback Sports Bike Stand for years now and it's held up well. It's the gift that'll keep on giving for years to come. They won't be able to stop themselves from thinking of you every time they work on their bike! ;)

7. Travel Bike Bag

With travel starting up again an amazing gift to the cyclist in your life would be a bike travel bag. A bike travel bike is essential to any cyclist as there will be a point in which they will want to venture to trails outside of their local territory. Traveling to new and far places with your bike is one of the most exciting parts of the sport. The bike bag that we recommend the most is the Evoc Sports Bike Travel Bag.

Evoc is the top brand when it comes to technical backpacks and bike travel bags. They make it very easy and straightforward to pack your bike and you can have peace of mind that your bike will be protected. You won't go wrong!

8. New Riding Clothes

Competitive Cyclist has tons of options when it comes to mountain and road cycling clothes. My top pick for winter is the Specialized Trail- Series Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey. This jersey is very warm and doesn't stick to your skin when you sweat. For extra cold days, it also makes the perfect base layer. It comes in men's and women's sizing.

For days you can wear shorts, I love the new Specialized Trail Air Shorts. These shorts are extremely lightweight and breathable. They also have a ratchet closure on the waist which makes them easy to get on and off but they stay put and won't come undone in the roughest of trails.

Don't forget you can save 15% off your first order at by using our code AWESOMEMTB15. (exclusions apply)

Thank you to Competitive Cyclist for sponsoring this gift guide. Links may be affiliate links.


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