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Ibis Ripmo V2 Review // Is the hype real?

Ibis ripmo v2 review
My Ibis Ripmo V2

The Ibis Ripmo V2 is one of the hottest bikes in 2021! With plenty of hype around it, this 147mm 29er is sure to be recommended to you at some point during the bike buying process. However, how does this bike stack up to its small sibling the Ripley or other enduro bikes on the market? Is the hype real? Would the Ripmo be a great 1 bike quiver killer? These are the questions we get asked over and over again.

Is the hype real?

Ibis cycles mojo 4 moab
Hannah on her Mojo 4 in Moab

A bit about me I am 6’2 and both my partner Hannah and I have been riding for Ibis Cycles for a few years now and have had ample time on the entire lineup! We were even riding Ibis bikes before we partnered up with them! From the little wheel trail slayer, the MOJO HD5 to the more XC/Trail oriented Ibis Ripley, and everything in between we have had some fun times testing the lineup.

I traveled the U.S. testing out the Ripmo V2 to give my long-term review of the bike, and let me just say, the same excitement is still here today!

I personally owned the Ripmo V1 (the previous version) and loved that bike. It was poppy playful and really epitomized what an enduro bike should be. High-speed stability was one of the only places I thought the bike could use a little bit of help in and that’s where Ibis stepped in with the V2. They slackened the head angle and changed the progression of the shock to make it a bit more progressive and boom the more aggressive Ripmo V2 was born.

When I first built up my Ripmo V2 the excitement was real! I had strictly ridden the Ripley for a whole year and I was definitely missing the V1 Ripmo I had been on the year before that. My job now was to see if all that new bike stoke would stick, so over the next few months, I traveled the US testing out the Ripmo V2 to give my long-term review of the bike, and let me just say, the same excitement is still here today!


It's no secret, Ibis bikes are known to be amazing climbers! The DW link suspension really is an amazing do everything suspension design the helps bikes make their way up mountains with ease and the Ripmo V2 definitely does not fall short here! Whether you are seated or standing out of the saddle, the efficiency is really apparent on the Ripmo V2 and the weight saving of the bike is also apparent here when comparing it to its metal offering the Ripmo AF! Technical climbing is where the bike really shines as the traction on technical climbs makes you feel like a mountain goat when the going gets tough!

The only negative on the climbing side is when comparing it to the Ibis Ripley there is a noticeable difference where the Ripley just feels like it has a tad more acceleration. However, this does come with a tradeoff where the Ripmo V2 is noticeably more stable on the downhills which is expected with the overall bike differences.


This is the part of the review where most people are probably interested in and that is the downhill! The V1 Ripmo was awesome in this department so I expected the same here and over the last few months, I have been continuously impressed in this department! Not only does the Ripmo V2 still have the poppiness Ibis bikes are known for, allowing you to jump in and out of corners with ease but, it also has added stability, thanks to the changes Ibis made to the geo and suspension design.

Constantly I found myself trying to find the limits of the Ripmo and each time my attempt would fall short as that limit could never really be found by me! The added stability was very noticeable as well as the progression from the suspension and even though I was running an air shock, those differences made it feel like I was riding on a coil! Needless to say, there was never a moment where I felt like I was under gunned on the Ripmo!


While the Ripmo has been putting a huge smile on my face ride after ride, I still can't stop thinking about the Ripley! Since I prioritize climbing efficiency and am okay with less stability on the downhills, the Ripley for my riding style seems to be a slightly better option for my one bike quiver. However, for trips to bike parks, more techy style rides, or any time I just want confidence and the ability to let off the brakes and let the bike eat, the Ripmo is the answer!

Depending on your riding style the decision of Ripley or Ripmo will be up to you and if you prioritize climbing or descending, but the awesome thing is there really is no wrong answers. Both bikes are truly awesome!!

Interested in the Ibis Riomo V2 or in the market for your next bike? Call Shaun from N+1 Bikes and tell him you're a friend of Awesome MTB! 502-718-7246


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