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Mountain Biking Hogs Trail in Sedona Arizona

To kick off our East Coast road trip we left California for one of our favorite destinations, Sedona, Arizona! From the beautiful red rock, vortexes, and killer technical trails, it's really hard to go wrong here.

Hogs trail in Sedona Arizona is an all-time favorite for visitors and locals alike. High on The Hog, Hog Heaven, and Hog Wash all combine to make the 3.5-mile infamous Hogs Loop.

To ride Hogs Loop it's best to park the Broken Arrow parking lot. It's one of the few parking lots in Sedona you don't need to buy a parking pass for and it so happens to be the best place to start your ride for Hogs Loop.

From Broken Arrow parking lot take Broken Arrow Trail to High on the Hogs the first of 3 trails in Hogs Loop. You can also take Broken Arrow all the way to Chicken Point. If you've never been to Sedona, I recommend doing this. Chicken point is an extremely popular spot for Jeepers, mountain bikers, and hikers. Chicken point got its name from the many Jeeper's who've taken their jeeps as close to the cliff as they dare.

You can also view the White Line from Chicken Point. For those of you who don't know what the White Line is, it's basically a sandstone line on a rock formation... Watch this video from Seth Bike Hack's it'll tell you all you need to know about it. If you are lucky someone might be riding it when you arrive!

This 3.5-mile loop takes riders on average an hour to complete. You climb approximately 410 ft and descend about the same.Broken Arrow, High on the Hog, Hog Heaven, and Hogwash are all Black (advanced) rated trails.

There are a few significantly hard features, one of them being the first main feature on High on the Hog. This is the feature I crashed on in the above video. Be warned! Always scope out features before hitting them and make sure you are comfortable riding them before you do. When in doubt, walk!

Watch our video from Hogs Loop in Sedona! SPOILER ALERT I crashed hard!


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