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My Ibis Cycles Ripmo V2 Dream Build

I finally finished building my Ibis RipMo V2!! It's hard to believe it's been a year since I last had a RipMo in my quiver. Up until 2020, the RipMo was undeniably my favorite bike but after I sold my RipMo V1 at the beginning of 2020 in preparation for the new RipMo V2 the bike industry experienced a huge boom!

Through most of 2020 and into 2021 both parts and bikes have become a bit hard to find, and with so many people loving the new RipMo V2 I waited in line for mine! In the mean time I built up my Ripley and rode it, only for that bike to become the best bike I have ever owned (who knew short travel bikes were so fun).

The Ripley holds a very special place in my heart and it still is a bike I grab for a lot of rides! But even with this new found love for the Ripley I still couldn't shake the desire for more travel and that is where my new RipMo came into the picture. I could not be more stoked!!

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In the market for a new RipMo or any Ibis bike? Contact our friend and partner Shaun from N+1 Bikes and let him know we sent you!


Wheels and Tires



(203 front and 180 rear)


Pedals and Saddle

Dropper Post


To learn more about my RipMo build watch the video down below!



Signed up and have one on order from Shaun. Why did you go rear air and not coil?


Daniel Tribby
Daniel Tribby

Signed up via Facebook



Hi, Mo. I notice you are riding an x-large frame. I am in the market to upgrade from my 2013 mojo HD size large. Ever since I bought it, I always felt it was too small for me. Unfortunately, due to limited availability and no access to demoing due to Covid, I am unable to test ride and x-large Ripmo. I’m 6 feet tall with the wing span of 6’4. I’m curious on your thoughts whether an x-large frame would be best for me.

Hannah Awesome
Hannah Awesome

Hey! I am 6'2 and the XL Ripmo fits me perfectly. I'm running a 50mm stem which is on the longer side. I'd say since you felt like the large mojo HD felt too small for you and given your height and wingspan, the XL would probably be a good fit. It sounds like you right in between sizes so it does become a personal preference! If you could find one to try out and see in person that would definitely help a ton. I know Shaun from N+1 has some XL and maybe some Larges. You could also ask him what he recommends! Good luck! -Mo


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