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PNW Components Review // High-end MTB Parts at an Affordable Price!

PNW components have been an amazing channel partner of ours for the last few years! One thing people don't know about them is what an all-around awesome company they are! From their strong emphasis on environmental sustainability, affordable prices, and the quality of their products, they are tough to beat.

Here are our Top 5 favorite PNW products!

Loam Grips

This will be the best $19 investment you make on your bike! Grips are your primary point of contact with your bike and can make or break your ride experience. The Loam grips are the perfect blend of thin enough to still have bike feedback but not too thin to where you still get a comfortable feeling over the chunk! On top of it, they are amazing both with and without gloves, even when they get wet they still have amazing grip! They come in a plethora of color options as well which make them a no-brainer upgrade for your bike!

Loam Dropper Post

Reliable, affordable, and high-performing. This combo is tough to achieve but the Loam Dropper post nails it! The Loam Dropper is PNW’s latest addition to their dropper lineup and has quickly become our favorite! Coming in a wide variety of sizes and even further adjustable through micro-adjustments (up to 20mm) their is sure to be a post for you and your needs, even if you are normally in between sizes! It also has these customizable color bands and is backed by their amazing lifetime warranty!

PNW Loam Lever

The PNW Loam lever has to be the best dropper post lever on the market, period! There is not much else to say here, lots of traction and an amazing actuation feel, we often find ourselves dropping our post just to mess with the lever! With plenty of colors here as well, you are sure to find something to meet your aesthetic needs!

PNW Coast Bars

Okay so we are straying from the MTB field a bit but we could not leave these drop bars off the list! They are a favorite among Mountain Bikers that dabble in the gravel! Coming in some insanely wide sizes (520mm is an option) these flare drop bars often a bunch of stability to your gravel ride and also give you plenty of space on your bars to mount a bag if bike-packing is in your future!

PNW Recycled Tshirt

We get a lot of t-shirts as swag, however, this PNW recycled t-shirt was the first time a bike company had gives us sustainable apparel and how cool is that?! It might not make you go faster but you can feel great while looking great in this tee! It's the perfect add-on to any PNW order!

Check out the PNW website here for more awesome products!

Some of the links above are affiliate links meaning that at no extra cost to you, we get a small portion of the sale if you purchase through the link. This helps to support the channel.

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