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The Best Cycling Chamois We Have Ever Used! (Nezium Game Changer) 

When you think of cycling apparel, you probably think about one of the big companies out there like Troy Lee, Fox or Pearl Izumi. These companies are huge, with giant marketing budgets, endless designers, and a supplier list that would take a full afternoon to look through. But even with all of these resources, how is it that a grassroot operation out of Salt Lake City Utah would destroy them in terms of comfort, fit, and functionality when it came to creating a cycling chamois? Probably because those companies should have spent a little bit more time on customer feedback and maybe a little less on those giant billboards. But hey, billboards are nice..

The chamois we are talking about is the Nezium Game Changing shorts. This is a mountain bike liner with a built-in chamois that you wear underneath your mountain bike shorts.

They feature an upside down storage pocket located on side of your right thigh, it closes and opens via a velcro opening and is the perfect spot for your phone to be securely snug and not jumping around in your baggy shorts pocket.

The Game Changers also have a water bottle holder on the top-back side of the shorts. The elastic is nice and stretchy where it needs to be, and fitted around the thighs to make sure it's not sliding around while riding. The waistband is a bit oversized to ensure comfort, while the legs feature a silicone material around the end of the shorts to make sure there is no chafing. Most importantly, the shorts breathe insanely well, something that is missing from a lot of other liners on the market. Most likely because those companies spent a lot of time on those billboards. 

Real World Testing

So we have been testing the Nezium Game Changing shorts Version 2.0 for about a year now, and there are some pros and cons. The pro’s are, these are hands down one of the most comfortable riding chamois’s we have tested. The chamois pad itself is the perfect size and density.

With a lot of short liners on the market, you can tell that design was an afterthought and they just created something to include with their mountain bike shorts. You feel that while riding in those liners, thick padding and no vents. They overheat and a lot of times chafing is soon followed. But with the Nezium Game Changing shorts, the ventilation is amazing, there is no chafing, the fit is awesome, and you have storage for a phone, keys and water bottle.

It’s very clear these shorts were made with intention and not just as an afterthought to include with a purchase of baggys.

In the words of Hannah Awesome, who is probably the toughest person to impress when it comes to new gear, “these are the best shorts ever, I need more”!

Now how about the cons? Well first and foremost, the lack of billboards. But other than that, not many cons! They are hands down the best pair of cycling shorts we have tested out! If I were to make any complaints it's that they are not available in a bib form just yet, as sometimes I prefer bibs to shorts for longer endurance rides. But hey, an amazing set of shorts, for an affordable price point, and the only thing we are sacrificing is billboards? We’ll take it!

Check out the Nezium shorts here:


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