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🪰 Best Mosquito Bug Screen for Camper Van! The Bug Wall Review (Our #1 Van Upgrade!!)

Updated: Feb 3

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Any van owner knows, there are a seemingly unlimited number of upgrades you can make to your van. It can be overwhelming and as someone whose gone down the money pit, I am here today to share one product that's at the top of my list for most important upgrades.

If you plan to spend any time in your van this summer you might want this to be your next purchase. Let me introduce (or re introduce) you to The Bug Wall, USA made bug/privacy screens for your van's sliding and garage doors.

"US Made from tough marine canvas, high quality No-See-Um bug netting, USA made marine grade zippers! UV stable and built to last in the elements. Keep the bugs out when needed and have it out of the way when you don't need it."

We were fortunate enough to be able to connect with Dutch the owner of the Bug Wall in Conway, South Carolina last winter. Dutch made his very first bug wall for his wife so she wouldn't have to worry about the bugs that come with a summer in South Carolina. Soon after, friends and strangers alike started asking to purchase one of these handmade screens from Dutch. Before Dutch knew it his handmade bug screen exploded into a full blown business.

The Bug Wall currently makes their high quality but affordable bug screens for Mercedes Sprinters, Ford Transits and Ram Promasters of various years and models.

We were beyond stoked that Dutch helped us out with their latest and greatest V2 sliding door and rear door screens. He even installed them in our 2021 Mercedes Sprinter van.

The V2 Sliding Door Insect Bug Screen

The Version 2 Sliding Door Insect Bug Screen Upgrades

The V2 was upgraded from the first version with the addition zippers that line the top of the mesh screen so the screen can be completely removed if need be. They also added foam along the bottom of the screen so it can be rolled up easier.

Another benefit of the additional top zipper is that you can change out the mesh bug screen with their new Chill Curtain. It's a clear marine grade vinyl curtain that is best used on cold days to keep heat in or on hot days if you have your air con going. Dutch hooked us up with one of these and we can't wait to get some use out of it next winter!

We opted for the offset of the magnetic opening strip to be towards the front of the van because of our kitchen base cabinet. The magnets are strong enough so if you walk in or out of the van the magnets will find each other and close the screen back up. If you prefer you can also opt for a zipper but for frequent in and out traffic it doesn't make much sense to us. This option would make sense for little in and out traffic or for people with dogs and small kids.

A surprising benefit of having the bug wall for our sliding door is that there is an added level of privacy between inside the van and the outside world.

For me this was a huge plus, I don't have any view obstruction of the outside but it isn't so easy for onlookers to see me inside the van. If someone is close enough they could see me but from about 10 feet away (dependent on the sunlight) it would be tough for someone to look in. This is a huge relief for hot days when I need the additional airflow and my boyfriend is away from the van getting extra laps in on his bike.

All in all we are very happy with our new sliding door screens and seriously can't believe we went 5 years in our last van without them!

The V2 Rear Garage Insect Bug Screen

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The rear garage screen has to be our favorite addition to the van so far. The Bug Wall V2 Rear Garage Insect Bug Screen not only offers protection against insects but has multiple features for privacy and weather protection. My husband and I are big cyclists which means our van garage is always filled with expensive bikes. We value safety and privacy so it's great that you can choose the height of the insulated canvas so that it lines up perfectly with the bottom of your bed. It's a relief to know that our bikes are not shown to the outside world whenever we might need to grab something from the garage and aren't in the best of neighborhoods.

Another great aspect of the roll up insulated canvas is that well it's insulated and weatherproof which really helps to keep the inside of the van temperature controlled when the garage is open on a cold day.

The top half of the garage wall has 3 different modes you can switch between. There is the bug screen of course and you can roll up or down, a black privacy shade velcroed from the inside and a clear marine vinyl on the outside.

We really enjoy the screen by itself on a hot summers day when we need some cross breeze in the van, the black out screen when someone is in the bed and needs privacy and the clear vinyl when its cold outside but we still want a view from our bed!

One last small but surprisingly helpful feature of the garage screen is that theres a tab running across the width of the bed and can be tucked underneath your mattress. One thing that we overlooked in our van is the possibility of your pillows falling down to the garage through a gap between where your rear windows are and the edge of the bad platform. This tab stops your pillows from falling.


It's no secret that Mo and I aren't very handy people, go watch some older videos of our last van which was entirely self built. For 5 years that van took us to some amazing places but you'll probably agree that we aren't great with tools. So, we couldn't of been more relieved when Dutch himself said he would install both screens for us.

The whole installation actually looks very simple and took under an hour. Dutch also makes it very easy for you to know how to install the screens at home. Here is a link to his website where he links installation videos and detailed instructions. Unlike very expensive options like Rolief, there is no drilling required and the screen is installed via adhesive, optional small clips and through securing it underneath the weather strip.

Final Thoughts

First off, it's a bug screen and it obviously does a great job at being that. With the correct installation, there are no gaps for insects to sneak past. We also learned from our visit to HQ that Dutch is VERY specific about their "No-See-Um bug netting". It not only needs to be very durable but it also needs to be quite fine so not even the smallest of bugs can get past the screen.

During the supply chain issues of the pandemic, Dutch had a problem sourcing his bug screen material. Through the supplier he was able to find only one other company in the U.S. that uses the same screen material and they so happened to also be right next to him in South Carolina. I guess you can say South Carolinans know a thing or 2 about keep bugs away.

Have any questions? Contact The Bug Wall directly or comment down below!
You can use code MO&HANNAH at checkout for a special discount!


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