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10 Bike Parks / Shuttles We Are Planning To Go To This Year!

Spring is here which means bike park season is about to open in full swing! Traveling the US in a van is awesome for exploring, however I always find it tough to figure out where we want to explore first in states we have never been too! That is why I am super pumped on my new Loam Pass which gives me 2 days of riding at more than 40 destinations across the US. 

The Loam Pass was started by my really good friends Joey and Rob, and I can’t wait for more people to find out about it because at $249, this is going to make traveling so much easier for people looking to ride new zones! We have a big year of traveling ahead of us and now we can use the Loam Pass to map out summer travels around these bike parks knowing we will for sure score at these locations! 

Here are some of the bike parks / shuttle services that I am most excited about riding this year with the Loam Pass: 

Luiseño Bike Park

1.Luiseño Bike Park: I can't believe I’m even saying this because this one is in our backyard of San Diego, but this bike park is supposed to be awesome and we can't wait to check it out! 

Richfield Bike Shuttle

2. Richfield Bike Shuttle: It seems like everyone is talking about the Richfield trails and I can’t wait to see what all the hype is about! Utah season can’t come soon enough! 

Ashland Mountain Adventures

3. Ashland Mountain Adventures: If you have never been to Ashland, you are missing out big time! This awesome town in southern Oregon has a really cool Shakespear vibe surrounded by big mountains filled with awesome trails! Can’t wait to get back! 

Howler Bike Park

4. Howler Bike Park: Don’t sleep on the middle of America! We have already ridden so many rad trails and once again word of mouth is letting us know that Howler is where it’s at for a cross country road trip pit stop!

China Peak

5. China Peak: This one is a bit personal because China Peak was actually one of the first and pretty much only enduro race I did about 10 years ago! I’m not into racing but one of the reasons I signed up was to be able to ride a new zone I had never been too! Stoked to get back to this Northern California bike park! 

Shred MT Shuttles

6. Shred MT Shuttles: As crazy as this sounds, I have never ridden Montana! It is just a little out of the way to our normal route to Whistler and not really in the way of our route down and back to Salt Lake. This year we make the detour! 


7. RideBHM: I didn’t even know Birmingham had a bike park and at one point we even considered moving there! Stoked to check out the trails!!

Jarrods Place

8. Jarrods Place: Once again going back to buying a house, we have spent a lot of time looking at the south and Georgia is an option of where we might one day settle down at! Excited to ride some of these southern trails! 

Burke Mountain Resort

9. Burke Mountain Resort: I can't believe I'm saying this but New York is the only place on the North East Coast that we have ridden! We have heard nothing but great things about Vermont and we are excited to check out the trails!

Station Mountain

10. Station Mountain: Texas has some of the most underrated single track in the country! Now we have another bike park to add to our road trip list besides Spider Mountain! If it is anything like the other southern trails we have checked out, we will be stoked!

So many more destinations on the Loam Pass can be found here:

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Ezekiel Carsella
Ezekiel Carsella
Apr 07

Jarrod's place is in a weird part of GA, but I've only heard good things!!! Have fun this year excited to watch y'all shred!


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