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Best Long Travel Enduro 29er Bikes in 2024! (160-170mm of Travel)

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, 2024 is the year of bikes! So many awesome bike releases this year that with summer right around the corner I figured I would put together a list of 5 long travel enduro bikes that would be perfect for this season! This list might change soon though with Sea Otter right around the corner and more launches coming! Also this is just a list, stay tuned for more in depth content on these bikes coming soon: 

1.Rocky Mountain Altitude: This bike has to come first simply because it seems like Rocky Mountain is actually trying to shake the bike industry up this year with 2 solid launches in a row! First they gave us the updated Instinct, and now we have the new Altitude, a 160mm travel bike with a 63 degree-ish head angle. The reason for the “ish” is  because the bike also comes with loads of geometry adjustments making sure you can dial this long travel rig in for whatever you are going to throw at it! 

2. Knolly Chilcotin: With a 170mm of travel and bike wizard Noel Buckley driving the designs, this bike first came on my radar recently because of Nic from VanCan. I used to have a Knolly and the bikes ride amazingly. However this year they went to a straight top tube design on this 170mm downhill ripper and I have to say, it looks clean! If you are looking for optimal traction, this one has to be on the list as Knolly’s are known to have some of the most supple initial strokes out there! 

3. Deviate Cycles Claymore: I don’t even know where you would buy this bike. All I know is that I have been seeing these high pivot bikes pop up more and more at our local trail systems and the Deviate just has a look about it that pops out! From what I have heard, high pivots provide a significant amount of added traction with the cost of some slight friction while pedaling. 2024 is the year I will be getting a high pivot bike in for testing, so stay tuned! 

4. Ari Bikes La Sal Peak: Fun doesn't have to break the bank and the ARI La Sal Peak is a 170mm enduro bike that will make sure you still have money for season passes to your local bike park! I spent a lot of time on the La Sal Peak last year, including a huge 16k feet of climbing day in Whistler, and all I can say is that it is probably one of the most versatile 170mm bikes in this category. And with a sale price of $2899 for a complete bike? Insane. 

5. Pivot Cycles Firebird 29: I loved my Switchblade I had in earlier for testing and also loved the vibes coming from Pivot Cycles. You can tell they really care about bikes. But the real reason this bike made it into this list is the limited edition 2 tone paint job this 165mm enduro ripper has. This might just be the best looking bike currently on the market paint wise. Oh and I guess if you are into performance, my old Firebird was one of the best long travel 29er’s I have owned and from what I have gathered, this one only got better.

Happy Trails! 

-Mo Awesome


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