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My Honest Thoughts On 11 Bike Brands! (Might Delete Later)

Sea Otter is here and so are about a million other deadlines for me. This means I have had so little free time to type, but the website must go on! So here are my quick first thoughts of what I think of a bike brand. It will probably get me in trouble, but you guys are worth it! Excuse the typos, Im literally typing this and posting it straight with no proof reads because I will probably second guess myself. Also I will be at Sea Otter so if you think I'm wrong, feel free to find me!

Santa Cruz Bicycles: What happened to them? Seemed like they were on top of the world and now it seems like they can’t figure out what’s going on company structure wise? “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”

Ibis Cycles: Poppy, playful, and fun! But also slightly outdated? Ripley, Hakka, Ripmo, all need new versions. Is this the year? 

Pivot Cycles: South mountain. Riding that zone makes you fully understand the bikes more! That Switchblade I just finished testing is hands down one of the best bikes I have ridden. The only bummer is supper boost, but with their passion for local bike shops, I will let it slide! 

Evil Bicycles: Core. I feel like this brand is most likely the most core of them all, and that is starting to grow on me especially with all of the cringy marketing strategies that exist in 2024. Hopefully they are able to crank out some new releases this year! 

ARI Bikes: The best bang for buck direct to consumer brand on the market right now that is seemingly doing everything right when it comes to bikes. It seems like they saw other direct to consumer brands sleeping a bit and took the year to go full attack mode. 

Norco Bicycles: Heavy and big pulleys. Have never ridden one, but it looks like business wise they might be on track to become a big player. Everyone who loves them also seems to be a great downhiller. 

Rocky Mountain Bicycles: Probably the most slept on brand considering the new bikes they have been releasing are checking off all the boxes of what a bike needs to have to be great this year! Adjustable geometry, frame storage, carbon and alloy options? Maple Syrup???

Specialized: Stressful. I can only imagine how much inventory they have right now. But hopefully somewhere in that warehouse is the brand new Stumpjumper that is set to come out this year! The Epic is still on my wish list! 

Yeti Cycles: For the world's fastest racers. I clearly was not one of those because I never fell in love with my Yeti SB 140. But also seeing all of the responses from people when I asked about the brand and how passionate some customers are makes me realize this brand has a rad thing going on. It just wasn't for me. 

Trek Bikes: How is a company this big and yet I still see so little of their bikes on the trails? I also can’t believe I'm saying this but I have never ridden one, ever! 

Giant Bikes: So much potential, such an amazing suspension design, so little North America marketing. Visiting Taiwan and seeing how big of a power house they are over there and then seeing how little of a market share they have in the US is very interesting. Maestro is amazing btw, Giant Reign from 2015 is still one of my all time favorite bikes! 

Should I do more of these? With how much I have on the to do list this week, maybe I will…


Ezekiel Carsella
Ezekiel Carsella
Apr 15

You say that about GIANT but they are pretty popular here in upstate SC!


Khoi Nguyen
Khoi Nguyen
Apr 15

What are you thoughts on YT? They have great customer service and support locally at the Mill.


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