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Part 3: My Honest Thoughts On 11 Bike Brands! (Might Delete Later)

Alright you guys love the “What I Think About” series and apparently I left a few brands out accidentally so let's keep the train rolling with part 3! Here is my quick thoughts on the following bike brands. These are the first thoughts that come to mind with no revisions so that I don’t second guess myself. If I left anyone out let me know! 

YT: Used to be the most popular direct to consumer brand in the US with the strongest marketing approach. Now there is some competition, but they still are doing rad things. However, kind of a skate vibe from them recently? Traction focused suspension design.

Canyon: Similar to YT, strong initial US market push however I feel like they have slowed down in the US market way more so than YT. I imagine they are significantly bigger in Europe. Also Nike CEO or something like that. 

Revel: Rad brand with an interesting vibe. Canfield suspension platform but kind of a race style design style to the bikes! Colors look rad! 

Reeb: I saw a full suspension metal singlespeed by them once and it made me nervous 

Propain: Ryan Radriguez and lots of travel!

GT: The brand that keeps saying they are making a comeback but the comeback is still in the works? Feel like they still have a lot of potential if they update their marketing strategies.

Commencal: Direct to consumer done however they want to do it because they do whatever they want. Not really sure how they are doing as a brand as I feel like I never hear anything good or bad industry news wise. They kind of just operate on their own program. 

Devinci: Yoan Barelli and also not sure I have ever met someone in the US who has bought one but as soon as I go to Canada I see them everywhere!

Cervelo: I don't even know how good the bikes are but all I have to say is that if there was a brand logo that was up there with “Lambo” but for bikes it would be the classic Cervelo logo. Not going to lie, I kind of want one just for the name. 

Polygon Bikes: Feel like this one is rad because it is an Indonesian based brand and I wish I knew that before our Bali trip because it would have been rad to visit them! But I guess Bikes Online is the US distributor and they are in Carlsbad so might not need to fly out there after all (but wouldn’t be opposed to it lol)

Should I do these with component brands next?

-Mo Awesome


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