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Part 2: My Honest Thoughts On 11 Bike Brands! (Might Delete Later)

You guys really liked yesterday's first thoughts article on bike brands and I still have a million things to do before Sea Otter. So here is part 2 of what I think of bike brands. Sorry again for the typos, it's better if I type and post instead of proofread and censor. I will be at Sea Otter, if I am wrong, come find me! 

Scott Bikes: Literally who is buying these bikes in North America? Do not get me wrong, I think they are some of the best looking and top performing bikes on the market. But is anyone actually paying full MSRP on one? Any of your buddies buy one? Maybe its a Euro thing.

Transition Bikes: Rad brand doing rad things, but getting a little bit of a "setting themselves up in a good position to one day get bought vibes". They were so insanely ahead of the long and low curve, and so many other geo trends. Shows how far passion will take you. 

Knolly Bikes: Noel Buckley, the founder, is what comes to mind. If you have ever met him, you understand why those bikes are so awesome! He is such a passionate guy when it comes to bikes! Also straight top tubes, finally! 

Kona Bikes: Heartbreak. The Kona Mahuna was my first mtb bike ever. Now people are talking about "hope they make it"? They just released a new ambassador list which is awesome. But bikes that weren't 5 years old would also be rad. But still, they will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I believe in them! 

Orbea Bikes: Spain. That is probably where most of them get bought. Because it doesn't seem to be here in the US even though I really like the look of the bikes! Remember when they let you custom paint them? I wonder if that is still a thing.

Allied Cycle Works: The dude with the mustache, Payson, he rips that gravel bike! Walmart comes to mind but so does passion. They seem like they have cool program, but its also a tough market. Would be really interesting to see them enter the enduro sphere. 

Cannondale: Once again has anyone’s friends bought a Cannondale lately? The bikes still look like they rip!!! Also who remembers the old Jekyl with that weird fox rear shock system that was a nightmare to service? But seriously, these guys still look to have serious potential! 

Intense Bikes: Costco. Hate to see it, but I hope they can bring it back to radness. 

Mondraker: If my buddy Shane is reading this, one of the only reasons I thought of this brand while making this list is because of you. Have them give you a raise maybe?

Niner Bikes: How many times can you get bought and still function? 

You guys want more?

-Mo Awesome

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Ezekiel Carsella
Ezekiel Carsella
18 avr.

Kona released a gravel/mtb hybrid idk if that is cool or desperation!


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