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Random Bikes From The Sea Otter Classic 2024! (Day 1)

The Sea Otter Classic is here and that means lots of new bike content! As always, one of our favorite things about bike festivals is checking out what people are riding! Here are some awesome bikes from Day 1:

Kyle Strait with a custom Ari Bikes Dual Slalom bike! This thing was so cool to see in person and it has been rad to see what ARI has been able to accomplish since rebranding!

Be More Bikes always has the best approach to marketing! If you belive in something tell people about it! His raised stem looks awesome and we look forward to riding with him soon!

This might just be the best stock color we have ever seen on a bike! Specialized really knocked this epic out of the park!

Nino Schurter's replica race bike! Our back just hurts looking at that handlebar position he races in! No wonder he is the greatest to ever do it! Cool to see a bike setup for the fastest racer in the world!

Sava had one of the most unique aero road bikes we have seen and all in a cost effective package!

This Atherton has to be one of the most eye catching frames out there! Starting to see more of these pop up on local trails!

Jason from Rig'd looking absolutely stoked! His cutom painted Coors Specialzied Stumpjumper is an eye catcher! Rumor has it though, he is looking for a new beer sponsor!

Another Be More Bikes set up rocking the raised stem!

Scor, which appears to be the new MTB division under BMC rocking some amazing looking bikes! We have heard nothing but great things about the suspension platform on Scor Bikes and look forward to testing them sometime!

Nick from Neuhaus showing us his always blinged out hardtail with an awesome light blue color scheme! The 5dev cranks look so good on there!

This festival, I am starting to realize I want a Scott Bike! Look how clean their new enduro rig is. The internal rear shock looks so smooth and clean line wise, aesthicaly they might have the best looking bikes!

Peak Design had the bike of the day! They scored this thing for $100 bucks and are riding strong, proving you don't need to break the bank to have a good time on 2 wheels!

I do not know what this bike is. All I know is it was at the CadeX booth and I am having paint envy!

GasGas and DVO Suspension, match made in heaven!

Stay tuned for more!

-Mo and Hannah


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