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Random Bikes from the Sea Otter Classic 2024! (Day 2)

Another day of the Sea Otter classic has come and went and here are some of our favorite bikes from day 2! Which one is yours?

Innovate or Die? We will take 2 of these! This custom rig from Specialized was an eye catcher!

Recognize this man? Doddy is a legend in mountain bike media and after his time at GMBN he is now the Global Brand Communications Manager at Mondraker! And after recently launching a US HQ in Colorado, we are excited to see more of these on the trails!

COO of Pinarello showing us the new Dogma XC race bike that Tom Pidcock has been racing and is now available! Question is has Tom been spending more time on this rig or getting ready for the tour? Excited to watch him again this year going for stage wins!

Our personal favorite bike of the festival, the Omnium cargo bikes look like a lot of fun and a good way to commute around town with some cargo!

Everyone's favorite racer and one of the fastest ones at that, Rae Morrison with her new Liv Intrigue X!

Man, myth, and legend, Chris Wachburn founder of ARI bikes, debuting the new Suncrest aero endurance road bike! This one is a bit of a leak as it has not been released just yet, thanks Chris for letting us show it!

We are so happy how far bikes have come!

Hands down one of the best looking XC bikes on the market! The Rocky Mountain Element looks like a blast!

The new Pivot Switchblade is hands down one of my favorite bikes of 2024!

Everyone's favorite roadie, Priscilla Savord of Velocio, showing that road bikes can be cool too!

The Pivot Firebird looking mean and ready to tackle whatever you throw at it!

Carver Surf Racks with our personal favorite bike of the festival, primarily because the surf has been pumping and it was awesome to see them at a bike fest!

Kate Veronneau of Zwift and founder of Tour de Femmes showing us how cool custom paint jobs can be! Catch the Tour de Femme's soon on Peacock! It's almost time!!

Moto world domination and ready to take over the bike world, Husqavara debuting their new e-bike!

Felt lives!! And it's owned by a moto brand? We won't ask questions, we will just be stoked to see them again!

Dan with YouTube channel "Ride With Dan" is on a mental health mission to spread awareness for Suicide prevention!

Stay tuned for day 3!

-Mo and Hannah


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